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Why Do We Think Video Games are for Boys?

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Boy, Girl, or Non-Binary?

pokemon memes professor oak non binary
Via teh-piper

This Always Happens With Glaceon

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Created by Unknown

Identity Crisis

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Created by Mewtron
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PBS Game/Show Wants to Talk About Gender Swapping in Video Games

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Let's Test Something

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Created by Unknown
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This Parade Has an Important Lesson: All Superheroes are Adorable, No Matter Their Gender!

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Loki: Agent of Asgard is Bi

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Via Russ Burlingame

The Basic Genders of Anime

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Created by Megamean09

IeSF Removes Gender Divisions From Their Events

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Via ie-sf

Someone Give Red a Rawst Berry

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Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via kawacy )

This is a Baby's Gender Reveal Cake I Can Get Behind

pokemon memes professor oak baby gender reveal
Via /MegaXZeo
gender video games Video Game Coverage - 64864513

Are Half of Gamers Really Women?

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gender Video anita sarkeesian Video Game Coverage - 61840385

Tropes vs Women is Back With Women as Background Decoration

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New Interview Reveals That Marvel Gender Swapped Iron Man 3 Villain From Female to Male, to Sell More Toys

Via Uproxx

Breaking Lego Gender Roles of the Day: Lego Releases Their First Women Scientist Minifig

gender lego - 7780765952
Via Lego's Minifigures
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