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J.J. Abrams Speaks out About George Takei's Thoughts Regarding Gay Character in Star Trek

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Types of Brony Haters

gay haters trolls - 6629705216
Created by the3picderp

Why I Can Never Tell My Dad...

boyfriend Bronies gay meme Memes - 5558363136
Created by BucDouble93

Now if My Parent's Understood

gay meme my little pony the matrix tv show - 6129180160
Created by awesomeman1000

Because All of the Fanbase Loves Shipping

best of week Bronies comic fandom For the Dudes gay shipping - 5961383680
Created by triarius1997

Rick, That's Just Not Cool

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Look Out Tara...

gay The Walking Dead - 8448566272
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It's Not a Choice

attract Battle best of week charmander gay - 6304202752
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Don't You Know That's Over!

costume gay Saturday Morning Cartoons - 5226081280
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batman gay lady robin Super-Lols - 4903145984
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Booty Traps

batman booty gay robin Straight off the Page wtf - 5596422144
Created by xyzpdq1

I'll Take Any Shiny

community gay pink shiny the internets wobbuffet - 6452784896
Created by MIDA

Iceman Picks His Battles

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Don't Hate. Dragonite Is Fabulous

charizard charmander dragonite gay - 5021656320
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marvel x men Straight off the Page gay - 469765

One of the Original X-Men Comes Out

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Why Are We Arguing Over This?

best of week Bronies comics gay lesbian ponies rainbow dash trolls - 6013374976
Created by Chroias
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