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How I Feel Watching MLP

futurama MLP my little pony pinkie pie TV - 6183716864
By Defender_of_5


Invader Zim my little pony doom futurama funny - 7446153728
By TomSFox

He's Opening Our Minds to New Ideas!

gifs cartoons futurama - 7589346816
By Unknown

Death by...

wonder woman futurama supergirl - 7945454592
By Legna (Via nebezial)

Minions, I Have a Message for You

minions cartoons futurama - 8549235200
By t-brick (Via fallingdesk)

Welcome to the Head Museum

cartoon memes leonard nimoy head museum futurama
Via Futurama

My Little Bureaucrat

comic equestria futurama princess celestia TV - 5269811712
By TomHowlett

Acronyms Will Never Not Make Me Uncomfortable

cartoons futurama - 7706492928
By 711Webster (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Kill All Humans

bender Fan Art futurama robot - 6232145152
By Robert "Nix" Nixon (Via Robert Paul Nixon)

Need a Monster? Why Not Zoidberg?

Fan Art cartoons futurama - 8138910720
Via thehenselmonster on etsy

I Spy With My Giant Eye

Fan Art futurama graffiti - 5587512832
By Unknown

I Don't Actually Have That Many Friends

internet cartoons futurama funny - 7701954560
By Unknown

Good News, Watchmen!

comics futurama Mars Super-Lols watchmen - 5484866304
By shittywok

I've Got to Watch Futurama, Double Time!

cartoons futurama - 7589331712
By Unknown

Life Can be Hilariously Cruel

bender cartoons futurama - 7693302784

Dramatic Ponies

drama doom futurama funny - 7422401792
By Comrade_N