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The Best Last Episode

futurama squidward - 7779749120
By Dxthegod

Professor Farnsworth Wants to Live in Ponyville

futurama meme ponyville professor farnsworth - 5600886272
By TheSlackerKing

The Result of Most Nuzlocke Runs

futurama nuzlocke - 8373698304
By Guilherme.didi

Yes, This Pleases Pinkamena

pinkamena cartoons futurama - 7767114496
By EKessler

Final Season of Futurama, This One's for You

gifs cartoons futurama - 7589314048
By Unknown


tshirts doctor who regeneration futurama - 8390495232
Via CODesigns by BlueBoxTees

We Will Always Have Each Other

Bronies fandom futurama - 7167017472
By Dxthegod


winter wrap up futurama - 7157226496
By Dxthegod

Dramatic Ponies

drama doom futurama funny - 7422401792
By Comrade_N

Bite My Shiny Metal Leadership

crossover bender korra futurama - 7564014080
By Unknown

Can't Tell If Fry or Homer

crossover Futurama Fry futurama the simpsons - 8399516160

No, Tara! OH GOD NO

brony community comic comics futurama tara strong - 5854625024
By Evilmunk
cartoons futurama - 82005761

This Is How Hypnotoad Was Brought to Life for the Futurama Fan Film

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Other People's Reaction When You Become a Brony

Bronies futurama - 7755768064
By Sephiroth1993

Disregard Other Posts, Upvote Hypno-Squirtle

Pokémon squirtle futurama - 7624401408
By Lucario01

Mirror Mutant

futurama hacked irl - 7991198720
By Unknown