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It's Hard for Tyranitar to Make Friends

tyranitar comics friends - 7116438016
Via lightfunktastic

After Watching a Few Episodes to Make Fun of It...

Sad Bronies friends rainbow dash - 7393774592
Created by SvenIzzy

Pretty Dang Accurate

Via bob-belcher

Thanks Bronies!

Bronies friends friendship IRL memebase my little brony - 5627636736
Created by SkySceneRock

Pinkie's Making New Friends

friends pinkie pie sonata dusk - 8570447872
Via siansaar

The Area of Disagreement Police

Via MrWeiner

"Keep Calm and Flutter On" Short Version

keep calm and flutter on discord friends dawww - 6985876992
Created by PokeMoonieBronie

What if Pokémon Knew Why You Chose Them?

competition Pokémon friends - 7543585280
Created by n3onthund3r ( Via LegendaryPokemonY )

This is How You Know You Need Friends

computers friends ponyspin - 7663223296
Created by Safety_Third

I'd Rather Live in Canterlot

canterlot friends insane letter to celestia the internets twilight sparkle - 6491672320
Created by jackpot199

Was This Not Your Exact Reaction!?!

twilight sparkle comics friends - 5238343680
Created by burntfish123


comic comics friends pinkie pie spitfire - 5201108480
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

How I Make Friends

anime gravity falls friends - 8254339840
Created by The_Artist_Formerly_Know_As_anon

When You at the Bar and Calling out for the Squad Like

Via rewatchingpokemon

How to Handle Conflict

friends griffon Party pinkie pie - 5048318720
Created by wikkiwikkiwa
videos friends - 53631745

Do You Even Friend?

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