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Meet Two New Characters From Finding Dory!

new finding dory characters shark and beluga whale
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For When You Need A Little Adventure On Your Plate

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By AdrianaEternity
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Honest Trailers Takes on Finding Nemo, and It's Pretty Dang Perfect

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A Story About a Non-Gender Specific Parent Searching for Their Family Member

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By mielkman
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If You Thought Finding Nemo Would be Easy, You'd be Dead Wrong

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Ooh, Happy Hour Deals?!

booze finding nemo pixar - 8336042496
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Just Keep Swimming!

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This Basically Confirms Finding Nemo Actually Happened

this shark totally looks like bruce from finding nemo
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Disney Announces Finding Nemo Sequel: Finding Dory

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Via Pixar Times

Have You Seen My Son?

crossover disney gifs tangled pixar finding nemo - 7997697024
By Unknown

I Don't Want To Forget

crossover doctor who finding nemo dory - 7006665728
By shadic74

The Dory Donna

crossover doctor who finding nemo donna noble dory - 7806833664
By Unknown

So Many Feels

donna noble finding nemo - 8232236032
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The Fish Awakens

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I'll Start Next Week

diet finding nemo dory - 8058250752
By Unknown

Can You Help Me Find My Son?

crossover cartoons disney finding nemo pixar The Walking Dead - 7980583680
By Unknown
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