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He is Coming... And Someone New Has The Reigns

overly attached brony brony fandom - 8568009984
By Unknown

Supernatural Will Eat Your Life

jensen ackles fandom Supernatural Jared Padalecki bus - 7740212992
By Unknown

The Hero Your Coffee Deserves

batman coffee DC Fan Art fandom superheroes - 5598404608
By Daveit (Via

Doctor Doo

crossover doctor who Fan Art fandom scifi scooby doo - 6064712192
By SamHall (Via samdraws)

This is Completely Accurate About the Pokémon Fandom

Pokémon fandom - 7834790912
By Unknown

So, Anypony Else?

fandom season 3 finale futurama - 7080429568
By Wolf-Pyon (Via sanora)

The Sanity of This Fandom Is F**ked Seven Ways from Sunday

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Invasion Time

adventure time crossover fandom Invader Zim - 5704419072
By HaggleScraggle (Via
Avatar best of week cartoons fandom trailers Video - 35478273

Only Thirty Days Away!

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Tony, is That You?

cosplay fandom iron man mask - 6108548352
By Unknown

It's the Worst Feel

best of week cartoons comics crossover Fan Art fandom Memes movies video games - 5817934848
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It's a Kick-Ass Month

walkers fandom october Maggie Greene - 8340678912
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Problem, Haters?

fandom new meme tv guide - 6880428800
By delta_rh0

She Sees What You're Doing

fandom internet twilight sparkle - 8461641984
By DeathByCupcakes (Via zutheskunk)

Diglett Wednesday: In Love

art awesome fandom - 5737966592
By Unknown

Drink Science

alcohol best of week fandom It Came From the Interwebz portal 2 video games - 5658255360
By ThisIsAMeme (Via The Guardian)