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Does the One Ring Come With Sauron?

Dragon Ball Z fandom Harry Potter It Came From the Interwebz Lord of the Rings Pokémon star wars - 5869116160
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Fandom Base: Jumping Off the Page

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Pokémon trumpets fandom - 8178857216
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The Power of My Shout Compels You

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It's a Kick-Ass Month

walkers fandom october Maggie Greene - 8340678912
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Tremble Before the Mighty Chtulhu!

cute Fan Art fandom knit - 5719145472
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The Gym Leader is Super Underground, You've Probably Never Heard of Him

fandom gym IRL - 4941594880
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He is Coming... And Someone New Has The Reigns

overly attached brony brony fandom - 8568009984
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Pokémon Fandom Pet Peeves

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I Can't Wait Any Longer!

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Mofeus pls

comic comics dolan fandom the matrix - 6345138176
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Aperture Silence

chell Fan Art fandom gordon freeman half life Portal valve video games - 5608848640
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The Fellowship of the Hangover

drinking game fandom It Came From the Interwebz Lord of the Rings - 5977558784
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The Mane Eight

background ponies Bronies fandom ponies - 6195176448
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iPhone, I Choose You!

awesome best of week covers fandom iphone IRL Pokémon - 5658262528
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