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This Fan Theory Linking Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast Will Not Blow Your Mind, Cause It Ain't True

false beauty and the beast aladdin connection theory
Via chaos-insanity-trickster

Fan Fights

anime fandom problems - 8599533824
Created by Kurmon
fandom problems Video - 75422465

This Short Perfectly Describes the Feeling of Waiting for a Movie to Come Out

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I'll Make My Own Anime, With Blackjack...

anime memes if anime never existed

Not My OTP!

anime memes when you see a spoiler

Me Every 3 Months

anime fandom problems - 8561122816
Created by ArkenFlare

Are You Picking Up What I'm Putting Down, Sweeties?

doctor who fandom problems the master amy pond - 7839370240

Those Aren't Tears; I Have a Leak

feels daleks doctor who fandom problems - 7640747776

I Can Explain

baymax cosplay Awkward fandom problems frozen - 8501364480
Created by thatfandomlyfe

When Your Friend Doesn't Get a Show You're Into

cartoon memes steven universe video tape gif
Via Steven Universe

Why Do I Even Watch Anything?

anime memes cancelled show
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Most Confusing Double Date

shipping korrasami fandom problems - 8410551808
Created by JetpackYoshi ( Via truedragonemperor )

Be Whoever You Wanna Be!

fandom Fan Art fandom problems - 8411730944
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What I Think Every Friday

fandom problems cartoons Avatar korra - 7837752832
Created by bwhitjen

See Mom, Watching Anime is Great!

anime fandom problems - 8323408128
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Closure is for Chumps

I DON'T CARE HOW PERFECT OR HAPPY THAT ANIME ENDING WAS I WANT A NEW SEASON anime character pointing with glasses flaring with light
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