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Long Live Harrmione!

shipping Harry Potter jk rowling fandom problems - 8035853312
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spoilers fandom problems Video - 64457217

Thou Shalt Not Spoil

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Are You Picking Up What I'm Putting Down, Sweeties?

doctor who fandom problems the master amy pond - 7839370240
By Unknown

Why Do I Even Watch Anything?

anime memes cancelled show
Via an-otome-chan

Yamaguchi Speaks the Truth

anime fandom problems - 7832028672
By Unknown

I Warned You About Homestuck, Bro

homestuck fandom problems ms paint adventures - 7070594048
By FuzzyPicklesEatYou

Me, Every Time I Watch Sherlock

feels gifs fandom problems reaction gifs Sherlock - 7540998656
By Unknown

Why Can't We be Friends?

Fan Art fandom problems - 8004319232
Via thesheepenthusiast
Advertisement Not in the Least Bit Surprised

fandom problems yaoi How to train your dragon arrested development - 7399138048
By Sosuke

Ever Since Buffy

TV fandom problems - 7826647296
By stitchfan

Who's on Your Team?

fandom problems zombie - 7885449216
By slywlf (Via WFLZombies)
fandom problems Video - 75422465

This Short Perfectly Describes the Feeling of Waiting for a Movie to Come Out

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Closure is for Chumps

I DON'T CARE HOW PERFECT OR HAPPY THAT ANIME ENDING WAS I WANT A NEW SEASON anime character pointing with glasses flaring with light

This Fan Theory Linking Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast Will Not Blow Your Mind, Cause It Ain't True

false beauty and the beast aladdin connection theory
Via chaos-insanity-trickster

I'm Still Waiting for My Mad Man

for sale doctor who fandom problems - 7819813632
Via Skreened

Fandoms are Funny, Aren't They?

doctor who cartoons fandom problems - 7981361664
By Sephiroth1993
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