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Epic Cosplays of the Week That'll Give You a Nerdgasm

Where's the CON?
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light-yagami kira l light death-note death-note-memes memes anime anime-memes relatable animemes funny fandom fans real-fans L misa kira

20+ Anime Memes to Satisfy Hardcore 'Death Note' Fans Who Secretly Want Their Own Shinigami Eyes

Light Yagami: The only work-from-home assassin known to man
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The Top 10 LOTR Book-to-Movie Changes | thumbnail includes two pictures including Tom Bombadil and the eye of sauron

One Does Not Simply Adapt a Book: The Top 10 LOTR Book-to-Movie Changes

Let's be honest - Tom Bombadil would have dragged this movie down
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A modern trailer for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi | thumbnail includes a picture of luke skywalker with his green lightsaber

Celebrate the Return of the Jedi to Cinemas With the Modern Trailer We Never Knew We Needed

Litteral Chills
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Just Fandom Things

fandom - 9001383936
Via deadpoolsheik
fandom adventure time - 82512385

Fan Recreates a Scene From Adventure Time and It's Actual Pretty Awesome

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The Sanity of This Fandom Is F**ked Seven Ways from Sunday

Via helloiamgrimlem

He is Coming... And Someone New Has The Reigns

overly attached brony brony fandom - 8568009984
Created by Unknown

Tony, is That You?

cosplay fandom iron man mask - 6108548352
Created by Unknown

More Hulk Is Better Marvel

Via imaginationiswithoutlimits

The Fandom is Falling Apart, And I'm Just Enjoying the Show

drama brony fandom - 8538127872
Created by Sephiroth1993

The Shipping Wars

fandom MLP ship - 8523784704
Created by Hohoha ( Via spacekitsch )

I Try To Get Out But They Keep Pulling Me Back In!

yaks fandom pinkie pie - 8520563456
Created by Sephiroth1993


head canon yaks Bronies fandom mad - 8520349440
Created by Unknown

Matilda's Really Moving Up In the Fandom

spike fandom matilda - 8513691392
Created by Sephiroth1993

Canon Roomies

brony fandom vinyl scratch octavia - 8509546240
Created by Jangobadass ( Via sammyw28 )
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