fallout new vegas

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Some of the tricks employed by this demonically swift n speedy gamer to achieve the new record:

  • Breaking his own legs to gain speed. This works by saving and quickloading just before crippling your character; if done correctly the game grants you a 152% speedboost.
  • Playing the game in Italian, as it is quicker than the English voice acting.
  • Skipping NPC dialogue via quicksaves.
  • Clipping through walls using quicksaves—Kungkobra notes that “wall collision is kinda dodgy in this game.”
  • Freezing enemies. As Kungkobra explains it, if you bring up the map screen and then place a custom marker fast enough, the process will halt enemies around you. This is how he blazes past difficult enemies—the speedrun is a lot of literal running through the wasteland.