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I'm Learning Through Osmosis

facebook finals - 7954102016
By YakuzaDuragon

Feeling Krabby?

Evolve facebook IRL krabby - 5556209152
By Rage_Kitty

Next Gen Has Taken a Turn for the Worse

dorkly next gen 4chan facebook - 6813276672
Via Dorkly

Top Meme

shipping do not want want top bolt twilight sparkle facebook sky stinger vapor trail rainbow dash - 8983692800
By jyroman (Via Jyroman53)

All I Needed

facebook pokemon cards - 6616527872
By Unknown


confusion facebook - 6796467968
By Unknown

Resistance is Futile

Bronies facebook join the herd ponies - 6081648896
By towelgirl21

Andrew Scott Pretends to Pretend to

facebook Sherlock bbc - 7923986432
By BPlante

Senpai Noticed Me!

Bronies andrea libman facebook - 8120822016
By TwitchyMcgee

Gary Freaking Oak

facebook gary oak Walmart - 6790685952
By DJNightmar3

Pokémon's Facebook Page Offering Some Great Advice

Pokémon facebook burn heal - 8194749952
Via Pokémon

Meanwhile on Facebook.....

spike equestria girls twilight sparkle facebook - 7839484672
By antares67

Because You're a Dick...Get It?

angry facebook robin Super-Lols - 5201466624
See all captions By Arucard

B-b-b-bilbo Breaker!

Lord of the Rings The Hobbit facebook - 6885910272
By docturlough

The Best Way to Make Money in Pokémon

facebook Pokémon - 8258797568

We Don't Share

rocket raccoon facebook - 8286142208
By Unknown
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