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Right Pokémon for the Right Moment

facebook parkour rain rayquaza - 5012812544
By Kray Z. Guy

Everybody Was Kaiju Fighting

facebook win failbook g rated - 7997237248
By sarahlaserena

Resistance is Futile

Bronies facebook join the herd ponies - 6081648896
By towelgirl21
Game of Thrones parody facebook Video - 80807937

Thank Goodness the Game of Thrones Characters Don't Have Facebook

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The National Liberty Federation Failed and Posted This Image from BioShock Infinite on Their Facebook Page

FAIL facebook idiots - 7957212160
Via Facebook

Ultimate Break Up

facebook saturday morning Saturday Morning Cartoons - 6374678016
By Matt WIsniewski

Ponychan: Dating Network

facebook IRL - 5117111040
By Unknown

Next Gen Has Taken a Turn for the Worse

dorkly next gen 4chan facebook - 6813276672
Via Dorkly

Do You Get the References They Refer To?

anime fullmetal alchemist facebook - 7748264448
By pepesengo

James Gunn Doesn't Have Time For Your Nonsense

Via James Gunn

Better Than Santa Clause

kids parenting facebook doctor who - 6835002624
By Katie lynch

Open Letter to Daniel Ingram

awesome daniel ingram facebook IRL - 5869330944
By Mollywobbles

Boom, Tolkien-ed

movies The Hobbit facebook - 6952991744
By Ziggy

The Big Red Button

facebook - 8160526080
By Unknown
parody facebook Video The Walking Dead - 83167489

Be Thankful That the Characters on The Walking Dead Don't Use Facebook

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You Can Now Receive a Degree in Pokémon Mastery

Pokémon facebook college - 7230273536
Via Pokémon Facebook
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