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Try Not to Cry

feels eevee tears shinies sylveon - 8326451456
Created by Woopar

We Need Pokémon Cards Like This

Pokémon gifs eevee - 7831788800
Created by Unknown

Gotta Eat 'Em All

best of week eevee eeveelutions Fan Art Pokémon - 5797354496
Via pixiv

Eevee WTF

wtf gifs anime eevee - 7693495296
Created by Unknown

Very Motivational

art best of week eevee Memes motivational potential - 5972161024
Created by Unknown

All the Eeveelutions!

eevee eeveelutions IRL - 6164055296
Created by ThemightyNoir- ( Via Ebay )

Gotta Love Happy Jolteon and Not Caring Umbreon

sylveon eeveelutions gifs anime jolteon eevee umbreon - 7119107584
Via No Coffee Please

No Wonder I Love Five O'Clock

clock eevee Fan Art Pokémon - 6208325376
Created by Andrea P. ( Via StitchPleaseMD )

The Cutest Freaking Pokémon Ever

fusion vulpix eevee combination - 6916216576
Via Streaky the Supercat

Elemental Overdose

eevee evolution Evolve ho-oh - 5813499392
Created by Unknown

Not So Great Being Stored in a PC

box comic dead eevee PC - 6161945600
Created by Unknown

Kirby is a Lot Like Eevee

best of week crossover eevee eeveelutions kirby video games - 6016131072
Created by BakaJeeves ( Via Bubblybubbles12 )

I Just Play for Fun

eevee ivysaur training - 6576404992
Created by Unknown

Eevee's Crushed Dreams

evolution eevee - 7774275584
Created by ryly97

*Rainbow Barf*

black and white 2 eevee Memes shut up and take my money - 6404147200
Created by Have A Gloom-y Day

Training Day

sylveon eeveelutions Fan Art eevee - 8554082560
Created by Luchabro ( Via East Minatsu )