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Disembodied Head of The Day: 'Donkey Kong' Champ's Lawsuit Against Cartoon Network Thrown Out
Via Eurogamer
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If you watch Regular Show on Cartoon Network, you're probably aware of a character that goes by the name of GBF, an acronym for Garrett Bobby Ferguson or Giant Bearded Face.

The character is a giant head with tiny arms and legs that cheats at video games and explodes when he loses.

What you might not know is that this character is based on a real-life person, and he's not happy about this portrayal.

According to Eurogamer, actual Garrett Bobby Ferguson, who holds the world record on Donkey Kong and was the first to reach 1 million points on Ms. Pacman, had his lawsuit against Cartoon Network thrown out.

Mitchell objected to this portrayal and so launched a lawsuit against Cartoon Network for damages.

But the legal challenge has now been thrown out by New Jersey Federal District Judge Anne Thompson.

"The television character does not match the plaintiff in appearance," Thompson ruled (via AP). "GBF appears as a non-human creature, a giant floating head with no body from outer space, while Plaintiff is a human being.

"And when GBF loses his title, the character literally explodes, unlike Plaintiff."

GBF will live to explode another day.

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Diddy Kong has been announced as a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros game just in time for the Tropical Freeze release. Are you excited to see this familiar face?


'Donkey Kong 64' Speed Runner Finds new Collectible 17 Years After the Games Release and There's no way I'm Trying to 100% That Game all Over Again

If there's one thing that was prominent during the emergence of late 90's 3D platforming it was battling crappy third person cameras. If there were two things that were prominent during the emergence of late 90's 3D it was battling crappy third person cameras and mindlessly hunting after an endless onslaught of collectibles that developers threw at you. 

These days if you told me that I had to collect 976 coins in order to 100% complete one of my favorite platformers there's one thing I'd tell you:

"That's not happening."

However, if I was to tell you two things it would be: 

"That's not happening." 

Closely followed by: 

"That's not even accurate. Now you need to collect 977 coins in order to 100% complete one of my favorite platformers from the late 90's." 

Then I'd go back to playing whatever game it is that I'm currently playing and ignoring every collectible and achievement in. Yes, for a gamer that's blasphemous. I'm a little ashamed of myself for even admitting one of my deepest secrets but ain't nobody got time for that anymore. Gone are the days of being 8 years old mindlessly collecting things and somehow having fun with it.

Anyways, rambling aside, I would say that second thing to you because now it's the truth.

After 17 years a speed runner has found a new rainbow coin in Donkey Kong 64 hidden in a patch of grass in Fungi Forest, and that's just insane to me. So now there are no longer 976 coins in the game, now there are 977.

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