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I've seen that dog somewhere else...

dogs anime death note - 7384278272
By artbargra

Doctor Woof

classic who dogs Fan Art doctor who - 7761534464
Via almond-goddess

Don't Ruin a Dog's Moment

dogs JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime - 8442535680
By Alterio

A Pretty Convincing Ghost and Jon Snow

costume dogs Game of Thrones - 7878060800
By Unknown
spoof dogs sasha The Walking Dead - 69042433

Sasha Has The Answers To The Most Important Questions

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The Next Eeveelution is Exceptionally Loyal

dogs eeveelutions cute - 8752596224
By Unknown

The Cop & The Postman

Via BriarrRose

Eins Zwei...Drei?

dogs rwby anime - 8367469824
By lozg1337

This Pug is Part of the Adorable Corps

dogs cosplay anime cute attack on titan - 8020847616
By Unknown

This Pug is a True Gamer

animals dogs gaming gamers pets - 8234330880
Via calumon

He's Virtually Walking

Via TheVeryNearFuture

What Else Were You Expecting?

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Krypto, Man's Best Friend or Man's Worst Nightmare?

superheroes dogs Krypto, Man's Best Friend or Man's Worst Nightmare?
Via thosefunnyones

Ponify All The Comics

dogs twilight sparkle ponify - 8418408960
Via topshelfblog

No! I Will Not Roll Over!

dogs Memes animals - 7297941248

If Spike Became a Dog...

spike dogs equestria girls - 7605610752
By No_onion_please
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