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Damn Genwunners

all the gens dogs Game Freak the internets - 6169316608
By Rudolftheclown

You Tell Him, Nightwing.

nightwing scared dogs - 7131322880
By hachan


armor cosplay cute dogs - 6157634816
By Unknown

I'm a Dog Now, Dogs Are Cool

funny doctor who dog dressed in fez and bowtie
Via abbeyn0rmal

Need a New Pokémon? Why Not a Cerberus?

dogs Pokémon 666 - 7431853568
By Casull

The Cutest Pokémon You'll Ever See

dogs Pokémon gifs funny animals - 7831862016
By Unknown

Childhood Ruined...

age scooby doo dogs - 6697355520
By TeamRainbowDash

Galactus and His Trusty Steed, Glacdog

awesome dogs galactus Random Heroics toys wtf - 4975631360
By MauritoSoloa

One Tough Dog

dogs bane costume - 6700686080
By sardinepretzel

Pony's Best Friend

applejack art comic comics dogs - 6307762176
By ogundu13 (Via twodeepony)

He's Up and Away!

costume creepy dogs Super Costume superman - 5192650752
By maxystone

Who Do You Think Will Win?

cat Battle dogs pets IRL animals - 7027056896

Superman Is Having a Melt Down.

dogs krypto Straight off the Straight off the Page superman - 6296577024
By hachan
dogs marvel art list superheroes - 572933

Marvel Heroes Re-Imagined as Cute Pooches

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If Spike Became a Dog...

spike dogs equestria girls - 7605610752
By No_onion_please

This dog... Totally Looks Like Ryuk from Death Note

dogs - 7120206592
By Unknown
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