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You Never Should Have Left Us, Russell

doctor who Steven Moffat - 7740851968
By Unknown

Was This Intended?

dalek disney doctor who pixar wall.e - 6605849088
By cammie827

Dercter Wher?

11th Doctor derp doctor who - 7287303168
By ImTheGoddamnBatman

Breakup Advice

doctor who sms relationships - 6670483200
By Unknown

Doctor, Who's That?

doctor who - 6682743296
By Unknown

Cassandra is in My Keyboard!

cassandra doctor who - 7018091264
By savannamia

It All Makes Sense Now!

crossover doctor who twicane - 7922079232
By pixarpal95 (Via great-cesar-romeros-ghost)

Whooves' There?

derpy hooves doctor who - 8748743168
Via Derpibooru

Upgrade in Progress!

cybermen doctor who - 7459795712
By Unknown
classic who doctor who 50th anniversary - 56489985

Why Weren't There More Classic Doctors in the 50th?

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I've Got a Fever

9th doctor as seen on tv bbc doctor who gifs rose scifi - 6481335808
By Unknown

He is the Doctor

quotes 11th Doctor doctor who - 7697054976
By fireredxp (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Can You Jump Off a Building?

doctor who Fan Art Harry Potter legend of zelda Sherlock - 6544581888
Via emc2-hyrule

The Times They Are A-Changin

classic who totally looks like doctor who 4th doctor - 7802852096
By Unknown
trailers doctor who 50th anniversary Video - 55587329

The Trailer for the 50th is Finally Here!

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Life Lessons From the Doctor

advice doctor who - 7869569280
By Unknown