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How Long Does The Doctor Have to Block Traffic For an Abbey Road Photo?

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Doctor Flirt is a Flirt

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Well That Came Out of Nowhere

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Be Excellent To Fellow Time Travelers

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12th Doctor doctor who - 74384897

What Would You Bring to an Axe Fight?

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Rarity Makes Clothes for All the Time Ponies

doctor who rarity - 8566761728
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Enough With the References!

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Just a Statue, They Said

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Yet Another Rumor That Jenna Coleman is Leaving 'Doctor Who', This Time to Play Queen Victoria

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You Only Live Forever

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Making Your Own Sonic Screwdriver

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You Can Say That Again

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What's In The Corner of Your Eye

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Or are They Alternate Timelines?

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Never Blink Again!

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You Resign Yourself to Your Fate

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