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Doctor Cumberbatch

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Mister Doctor?

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Jimmy Kimmel Hires Doctor Strange for Kid's Birthday Party, and Things Don't Go as Planned

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You Might Be Cool, but Are You Doctor Strange Wearing an Avengers Tee Holding a Doctor Strange Pop! Cool?

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Doctor Strange, Internet Troll

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No One Asks!

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Maybe Benedict Cumberbatch Isn't Such a Crazy Choice

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Doctor Strange Will See You Now

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The Extended Chase Sequence Clip from Doctor Strange Is Here, and It Serves up a Cold Hard Shot of Vertigo Real Quick

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CAPTAIN Doctor Strange ...

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"Strange"er Things

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What Is Happening With Mads Mikkelsen's Face in 'Doctor Strange' Right Now?

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Benedict Cumberbatch Is Getting Tired of Doctor Strange Questions

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Doctor Strange Director Tweets Hint at "Into Shamballa" Storyline

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'Doctor Strange' Gets a Potential 2016 Release Date

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This Doctor Strange Fan-Made Opening is Psychedelic

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