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death note

Did You Know Patrick Was on the Task Force?

death note kira patrick star - 7231708160
Created by Unknown

Stephanie Meyer is KIRA

twilight death note - 7180677632
Created by Sephiroth1993

Not Sure If This is Supposed to Make Me Pay Attention in Class

anime death note - 7164774912
Created by Sephiroth1993

Sudden Realization Light

anime light yagami death note - 7167558144
Created by Sephiroth1993

Re-Framed: Orly?

anime death note re-frames - 7133974016
Created by stabripemo ( Via )

Is That Bridge With a D?

Harry Potter death note - 7071800832
Created by Hurricaneria

L Even Lifts!

anime l death note - 6934280704
Created by savannamia

Oh, I Thought You Meant Something Else...

crossover Bronies my little pony death note - 6926404096
Created by savannamia

Sharing is Caring, Right Applejack?

applejack crossover Bronies my little pony death note ryuk apples - 6937972480
Created by savannamia

Kira vs L

anime Fan Art death note - 6738785792
Created by Light-Yagami ( Via sakimichan )

Hamburger Phone

crossover anime movies Fan Art death note - 6871429376
Created by Beatrice ( Via peace-of-hope )

Task Force Style

anime Fan Art l death note - 6851799040
Created by savannamia

Not if Kira Has Any Say in It

anime death note - 6834139136
Created by Zarvanis

Just Laying Low

anime death note - 6789777152
Created by Anonymous84

Dang It, Kira!

anime death note kira - 6770487040
Created by Le_Crash2

Santa and the Death Note

death note comics santa - 6658325760
Created by ziltoidtheomnicent ( Via VG Cats )