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20+ Anime Memes to Satisfy Hardcore 'Death Note' Fans Who Secretly Want Their Own Shinigami Eyes

Light Yagami: The only work-from-home assassin known to man
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Death Note Gets the Amazing Kind of Piano Rendition That'll Make You Want to Restart the Series All Over Again

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Ryuk From Death Note Does PPAP

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Death Note Director Says Live-Action Film Will Have Plenty of Nudity, Swearing, and Violence

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Willem Dafoe Officially Joins Death Note Movie

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Whenever I Go Shopping for Anime

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Duly Noted...

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Netflix Officially Lands 'Death Note' Starring Nat Wolff

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Sometimes It's Better to be in the Dark

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Finger Lickin' Good...

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Silent Night, Holy Light.

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Mello Out, Bruh

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I Don't Want to See This Movie Anymore

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I've seen that dog somewhere else...

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What's Going on With the Yagami Family?

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The Circle of Life

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