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The American Adaptation of Death Note is Moving Forward, Now Has a Director!

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Via Hollywood Reporter

"That Moment When..."

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By futurehylian

Whose Name Would You Add?

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Is That Bridge With a D?

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By Hurricaneria

Happy National Puzzle Day!

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By Unknown

This World is Rotten

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By Unknown

The Ultimate Crossover

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Via otakudepressivo

He's Ready for his Death Note

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By Alterio

Is There a Life Note?

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Via Death Note

Hey There Big Fella, What's Your Name?

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By AlmightyJeebz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
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L's Real Name

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Little Golden Anime

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Via Matt Reedy
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What If the Death Note Wasn't a Notebook?

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Multi-Language Kira is a Bit Hair Raising

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What's Going on With the Yagami Family?

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By Violet_Runner
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