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Currently Exterminating Buffalo

daleks snowman - 8383984128
Via willchild
cosplay daleks Exterminate - 59994625

This Girl Almost Exterminated In Her Pants

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Exterminate This

9th doctor daleks - 8205419008
Via im-a-bit-more-sonic

Such Emotional Expression

daleks - 8142434304
Via itsthelittlebluecar

Exterminate The Sleepies!

tshirts puns daleks coffee - 8237747456
Via Blue Box Tees

You Didn't Think It Was Really Aliens Inside That Suit, Did You?

Grumpy Cat daleks for sale doctor who - 7791304960
By NaughtyLupine (Via Red Bubble)

A Secret Weapon in The Time War

daleks - 8211293952
Via fansofdoctorwho

Microsoft's Familiar New Security Guards Are Exterminating Trespassers

daleks - 8383022080
Via extremetech

You Better Believe I'm Going to Exterminate These Gingerbread Daleks

daleks doctor who gingerbread - 7984297984
By Unknown

I'm so Doctor Who LI-TE-RATE!

daleks doctor who - 7611864320
See all captions By wilcobanjo

How Much Is a Dalek?

daleks infographic - 8348985344
Via Horror Channel UK

All HAY, Dalek Supreme

daleks puns - 8356996352
By anselmbe

To be Fair, Kristen Inspires Nearly as Much Terror

actors daleks - 7685536512
By Unknown

99 Cents For Sour Cream!?

daleks - 8248847872
Via waxbread

Time Lord Pick Me Up

funny doctor who dalek coffee pot pun
Via The Doctor Who Hub

Steampunk TARDIS and Dalek

Steampunk tardis daleks - 8086903040
Via Emma J
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