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How Much Is a Dalek?

daleks infographic - 8348985344
Via Horror Channel UK
daleks christmas classic who - 66866433

It's a Classic Who Christmas Carol

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The Cutest Daleks

daleks squee - 8234387968
Via kawaiikandies

It's Comfy and Releases Stress

classic who 5th doctor daleks - 8147663616
Via rennish

DIY Dalek

daleks doctor who DIY - 7986976768
By jinacio

The Dalek Concept of Beauty

daleks doctor who pranks - 7529522944
By Unknown


daleks doctor who - 7114456320
By mr.evil_man (Via Deniz Thetis on Etsy)

Finally Got Vacation Time

daleks - 8295193856
Via yarr

The Most Advanced Armor In The Universe: Yarn

knitting daleks - 8209046272
Via JhnWyclf

Exterminating Problem Cuticles

daleks - 8218124032
Via to-find-love-again

Steampunk TARDIS and Dalek

Steampunk tardis daleks - 8086903040
Via Emma J

Sometimes Your Best Man Is No Man At All

Whovian daleks - 8284846080
Via Mighty Mega

What Have They Done?

daleks doctor who - 7405147904
By nathan.steele.9404 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Time War In a Nut Shell

animation 9th doctor daleks - 8142422016
Via bassetsketch

Dalek Drawn by Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi daleks doctor who - 8002645760
By ani.s4 (Via capaldistuff)

Microsoft's Familiar New Security Guards Are Exterminating Trespassers

daleks - 8383022080
Via extremetech
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