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You May Now Exterminate the Bride

bbc dalek doctor who It Came From the Interwebz TV wedding - 6217481216
Created by Unknown

Nothing to See Here, Get On With Your Commute

dalek cosplay - 8514483712
Created by Unknown


dalek pinkie pie doctor who - 6785258240
Created by Crusaderr


dalek for sale doctor who - 6736794368
Created by 19Zoey88 ( Via Red Bubble )

It's Time to Transform

transformers dalek tardis - 8316569600
Created by silentjay12345

Look Again

dalek doctor who gifs series 7 - 6563428096
Created by Unknown

Daleks Appreciate Stubbornness

best of week dalek doctor who Fan Art - 5845689600
Created by Unknown

Was This Intended?

dalek disney doctor who pixar wall.e - 6605849088
Created by cammie827

Can You Excommunicate Someone From Existence?

crossover dalek doctor who Fan Art Whovian - 5852728064
Created by spamalfruitman

All It Needs is Tea And Biscuits

the Beatles dalek British - 8438280448
Created by Unknown

I Want My Latte Wibbly Wobbly

coffee dalek doctor who IRL - 6585140480
Created by Unknown

The Dalek Supper

dalek doctor who Fan Art scifi - 6392269824
Created by GalderGollum ( Via Tone Cartoons )

Good Motto

dalek gifs fall - 7061756160
Created by Unknown

Ugh, She Would Be the Queen

awesome best of week dalek doctor who Fan Art ood tardis weeping angels - 5526408448
Via EladinSkywalker


dalek derpy hooves Fan Art - 8518277120
Via berrypawnch

You're a Glorified Trash Can

dalek cybermen doctor who - 6894542336
Created by Jazzure