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Hugh's Avengers

cosplay crossover The Avengers - 6443430400
Via Raychul

An Epic D'AWWWWW-ssover

amaterasu crossover Fan Art kingdom hearts Ōkami Sora - 5533868544
Created by lrregular ( Via iRawrsYooh )

Y U So Creepy, Belarus

crossover Fan Art hetalia the ring - 5624566784
Created by SushiKittehs

Guys, Olympus is That Way

crossover disney anime Hercules attack on titan cartoons - 8184272896
Created by psychospacecow ( Via 010110101001 )

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Up, Up and Away

crossover disney star wars up Fan Art for sale - 7803831552
Via James Hance

Jar of Derp

best of week crossover derpy hooves Johnny Depp - 5352999424
Created by MurderTurtle

Bringing the Party to You

korra cartoons crossover fandom It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz - 6364285696
Created by hachan

Oh Granny Smith!

crossover granny smith jackass TV - 5906022912
Created by dyingenglish

Team Fancypants

crossover Pokémon rarity Team Rocket - 5586377984
Created by Unknown

Someone's Been Eating His Wheaties

crossover johnny bravo Fan Art cartoons - 7613278464
Via thechamba

Wouldn't That Like, I Don't Know, Destroy EVERYTHING?

crossover doctor who - 7552783872
Created by SimmerDown12

Not All Dragons are Created Equal

crossover Pokémon Game of Thrones Fan Art Daenerys Targaryen - 8207147264
Via actionscience

MLP Monopoly

crossover my little pony monopoly - 7788065792
Created by LOLgirl400

Does That Mean Kenny's a Timelord?

crossover doctor who - 7800574208
Created by poniesNwaffles

It's-a Me, OshaMario!

best of week crossover halloween mario pokeween snivy yoshi - 5359751424
Via SklavenBrause

The Time Job

crossover Fan Art doctor who Firefly - 7649101056
Via Society6