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A Dazzling Array of Cosplay Canines Embracing Pup-Culture

They're putting their best paw forward
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39 pictures of great cosplay | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cosplay of Mrs. Incredible and of Aang the last airbender

These People Are Taking Cosplay to the Next Level (December 28, 2023)

Cosplay is an art form. Sure, anyone can throw on a costume of their favorite character from pop culture, But some people take the whole thing to the next level . These people spend a lot of time and a lot of money to get their costumes just right. But it's not just about being as close to the original as possible. Sometimes it's all about the idea and execution. I mean, Pulling off a cosplay of mystique caught mid-change, or of the snooty restaurant critic from Ratatouille, is a stroke of geni…
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Epic Cosplays of the Week That'll Give You a Nerdgasm

Where's the CON?
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