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Too Many Nicknames to Keep Up With

11th Doctor companion - 8178872064
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Centurion: For Him

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Check Out The 12th Doctor's New Companion

12th Doctor companion casting news - 8080569856
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Sometimes Whovians Are More Dramatic Than The Show Itself

try not to cry doctor who companion - 8169640960
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Peri Disagrees

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He Made a Companion Error

companion the doctor danny pink - 8344643072
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Clara Is Best Companion

clara oswald rose tyler doctor who amy pond companion - 8067780096
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Being a Companion Helps Your Cardio

donna noble companion - 8140894464
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This Is Why We Love Donna

10th doctor companion donna noble - 8125777152
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She's No Rose

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Is Moffat's Run More Sexist?

doctor who companion Steven Moffat - 8205064960
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Who Needs a Doctor

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Now That's How You Companion

gif of doctor who character companion clara oswin oswald in vintage dress holding umbrella and being lifted on a ladder in the snow: haters gonna hate
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How Doctor Who Has Changed American Perception

11th Doctor companion - 8114803456
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A Whovian Canon That Makes The Worst Day Better

doctor who Captain Jack Harkness companion - 8180337408
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The Curse of the Time Lord

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