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No Need for Round 2

comic comics fluttershy Mortal Kombat rainbow dash - 6022270208
By Rough_Sketch

The Way Things Change

Awesome Art batman comics robin - 6373097216
By wafflewarrior69

Sweetie Belle's Special Talent

comics rarity Sweetie Belle talent - 6279760896
By Ploopy11

Maybe Twilight Should Go Back to Magic Kindergarten

comic comics pumpkins pumpkin cake twilight sparkle unicorn - 5692803584
By Unknown

You've Made a Huge Mistake

Pokémon comics funny breeding day care center - 7485505536
Via Pallet Tribune

Is Your Spidey Sense Tingling?

comics cosplay movies scifi Spider-Man star wars stormtrooper TV - 5991876864
By _AfterDarkness_

Twilight Disapproves

cheezburger comics lols memebase twilight sparkle - 5838829568
By Rurounizanza

Love and Tolerance?

Bronies celestia comics love and tolerate save derpy twilight sparkle - 5905305856
By ladydestinae

I've Been Waiting For This Day

best of week comics driving kids ponies rage comic waiting - 5403379456
By mikeagordon02

Pretty Accurate Emerald Starting Place

pokemon emerald art comics - 7711804160
By Zorua (Via epifex)

We're Onto You

spike dinkleberg pets comics - 7013819904
By wcclark

Does She Need to Say It?

comic comics meme parties spike - 5673948928
By SkySceneRock

My Little Pony: Jelly is Magic

comics me gusta my little pony - 5829802752
By Ploopy11

I'm Not Listening

best of week comic comics Lord of the Rings ponies twilight sparkle - 5315508224
By Bendyrulz

They Did Not Think This Through

Battle red mt-silver comics gold - 7198433536
Via lchrno

The Fundamental Structure of the Universe

ponies comics amazing futurama - 7673220608
By Dxthegod
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