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Ask a Stupid Question

clara oswin oswald Aliens Time lord 12th Doctor - 8416984832
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That Doesn't Seem Like It Was Done in the Name of the Doctor

clara oswin oswald 11th Doctor doctor who - 7501171200
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Time Traveling All Looks The Same

11th Doctor back to the future clara oswin oswald - 8375531008
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The Cross-Over No One Asked For

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The Clip From The Finale Trailer That Has Everyone Freaking Out

finale clara oswin oswald gifs - 8371331840
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Watch Your Back, Doctor

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clara oswin oswald 12th Doctor - 65009665

A Look Through Doctor Who: Season 8's Call Backs

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Doctor Finn and Clara

clara oswin oswald 12th Doctor adventure time - 8225786880
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clara oswin oswald tardis preview - 65302273

Much Smaller on The Outside

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Run You Clever Boy

clara oswin oswald cosplay doctor who - 7540952576
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12th Doctor clara oswin oswald - 65220865

I Thought He Hated Banter

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11th Doctor clara oswin oswald - 60407809

Clara Gordon

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Dangitt Moffat

clara oswin oswald Steven Moffat - 8369437696
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Clara Was Born To Be a T-Shirt

clara oswin oswald tshirts for sale doctor who - 8419200256
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Today's the Day!

clara oswin oswald doctor who series 7 - 7197489664
By Unknown
clara oswin oswald Peter Capaldi - 66427905

Malcolm Tucker Would Make a Different King of Doctor

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