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Cinderella Defends Her Waist

geek news cinderella defends tiny waist
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This Honest Trailer for Cinderella Has Been 75 Years in the Making

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The Internet is Concerned About Cinderella's Waist in This New Shot, and I Can't Blame Them

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Would You Watch Cinderella: After Midnight?

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Enjoy(?) More of Cinderella's Tiny Waist in This Sneak Peek of the Live Action Film

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Ariel's Pretty Bangin'

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Why You Shouldn't be so Hard on Cinderella and Her Happy Ending

geek memes cinderella abuse survivor
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No One Grosses Me Out Like Gaston

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Quality Storytelling, Ladies and Gentlemen

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Bippity Boppity Boom

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Scumbag Charming

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In Case You Didn't Know, There's a Lot Wrong With Disney's Cinderella

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Here's the First Official Teaser for the Live Action Cinderella

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I Don't Need Your Standards of Beauty!

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Check Out This Trailer for the Live Action Version of Cinderella

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Your Fairy Godmother Really Effed This Up

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