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A Merry Little Christmas, Have Yourself

christmas Fan Art santa star wars yoda - 5596352256
By fufotufo

This is Only an Ugly Christmas Sweater If You Prefer DC Comics

marvel sweater This is Only an Ugly Christmas Sweater If You Prefer DC Comics
Via daily-superheroes

Merry Derpmas

christmas cute - 6848482304
By BlackSeventeen

Three Way Makeout

christmas marble pie pinkie pie Big Macintosh mistletoe - 8597598720
By maorows (Via Brian Blackberry)
christmas Pokémon Video - 76918785

Walking 'Round in PokéUnderwear

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christmas Music - 56711425

Classy Treatment for a Classless Song

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The Origin of Batman v Santa Claus

batman bruce wayne christmas orphan santa claus - 7950630400
By Unknown

"And Also With You"

jesus star wars vii christmas - 8996948992
Via imgur

Electric Love

christmas hearths-warming-eve OC flufflepuff animated chrysalis changelings - 8996557312
Via pumkinroll

Who Needs Fresh Pine Scent?

christmas It Came From the Interwebz video games - 5500587008
Via Think Geek

Glaceon Nipping at Your Nose

christmas - 7849517824
By azurenightmareragna

The Holidays Have Been Going Fast for Sudden Change of Heart Thorin

christmas jingle memes - 6911093248

Tree Harvest

christmas applejack hearths-warming-eve rainbow dash - 8996557824
Via dm29

It Makes Great Soups and Stews

christmas shazam the flash - 8411015936
Via Texts from Superheroes

Why so Sirius?

christmas - 6913814016
By delta_rh0

On This Twelve Days of Ponies

christmas song awesome - 6839499776
By HellKaiserZero (Via Derpibooru)
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