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BREAKING: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 International Trailer Released!

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Star-Lord's Crying and Weeping Around the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Set After Kurt Russell's Departure

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Follow Chris Pratt Along a Tour Through the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Set, for a Predictably Comical Ride

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These 14 Pictures Are All the Proof You Need That Chris Pratt Easily Has the Best Instagram out There

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Chris Pratt Tells Reddit His Favorite Game of Thrones Character

Game of thrones memes christ pratt tells reddit his favorite Game of thrones character.
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Take a Gander at This New Shot of Chris Pratt With a Member of the Rap Pack

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You'll Never Guess How The Marvel Universe Is Planning To Settle The Superbowl

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The First Clip of Jurassic World Has Dreamy Chris Pratt Working on a Motorcycle and Being Passionate About Dinosaurs

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Movies Are Hard Work

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Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Finish Their Super Bowl Bet at Seattle Children's Hospital

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Guardians of the Galaxy Extended Clip

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The Merits of Iron Gym

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Leave It to Chris Pratt to Ask out Jennifer Lawrence with a Cute Little Robot in First Trailer for Passengers

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Sorry Chris Pine, There's A New Shatner In Town

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7 Things We Don't Want from a New Indiana Jones Movie

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Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds Continue to Show Us They're a Couple Real Life Superheroes

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