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Chris Evans Sent Martin Shkreli into an Absolute Twitter Ragefest with One Tweet

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Chris Evans Says 'If Marvel Wants Me, They Got Me'

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Chris Evans Explains Why He Initially Turned Down the Role for Captain America

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Hayley Atwell Felt Caps Pecs, And It Was Completely Unscripted

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Cap Figured Out Selfies

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17-Year-Old Captain America Writes a Cover Letter That'd Make Your Old English Prof Blush In Appreciation

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Representing The Red, White and Blue Ain't Easy

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What's In a Name?

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Get Brad Bird On The Horn, We Need Some Characters

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Captain Likes!

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Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Prove yet Again They're Real Life Superheroes, and Visit Kid Battling Cancer

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Be Still, My Fangirl Heart

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ROFLrazzi: "The Avengers" are Back in Action!

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When You Rip Open That Rigid Plastic Clamshell Package

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'Chris Evans' Seems to Have Really Enjoyed 'Captain America: Civil War'....Especially the Parts With Paul Rudd?

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Them's Fighting Words

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