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I Like How They Can Still Joke About It

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Sharing is Caring

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Now's Not the Time for Dad Jokes

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Carl is Melon Cat, No Doubt About That

Carl is Melon Cat, No Doubt About That
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When Lori's Away

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Carl Grimes' New Hit Single

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Now Where'd I Put That Sweater Collection

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Carl's Got The Best Dad Joke Pick-Up Lines

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He'll Remember That

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"I'm just a Mud Zombie, fer Pete's sake - what are you so scared of?" "OH GAWD OH GAWD OH GAWD!! MY GUN GOT WET - It won't go PEW PEW! HAAAALP!!"

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Carl Is Going To Get Everyone Killed In The Finale

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It's Hard When They Rebel

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The Apocalypse Is Great For Puns

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Just Carl Things

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This Time it Wasn't Shane

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