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Apply Rock to the Burn*

burn rarity maud pie - 8108055040
By Elanmower13

When Worlds Collide

kingdom hearts burn - 8291751424
Via sephirona

Sick Tart Burn, Olenna

game of thrones memes season 5 Olenna Tyrell serves up a sick tart burn on Cersei
Via Dorkly


bulbasaur burn charmander fire grass Pokémans - 5042485504
By Unknown

Go Back to Your Trusty Drying Pan

anime brock burn drying pan frying pan misty tv-movies - 6031613184
By Unknown

It Tickles!

that looks naughty burn - 8516785152
By cccuuupppcake

Oh Snap!

face star wars Subway batman darth vader burn - 6808406272
See all captions By Unknown


bear burn episode 3 fluttershy meme season 2 - 5315342336
By Bendyrulz

Whatever Works...

weather burn - 7070306560
By Dxthegod

Have You Ever Eaten a Fish? There's Your Answer...

Pokémon water types wooper burn - 8419409152
Via Quentin_Compson

Ya Burnt!

game of thrones memes season 5 stannis just doesn't care who hears him.
Via game-of-thrones-fans

Mic Drop

cersei lannister burn tyrion lannister - 8314954496
By Unknown

Team Rocket Burns You at the Speed of Light

Team Rocket anime burn - 7707275264
By Unknown

I Don't Need Your Standards of Beauty!

disney cinderella movies burn - 6803371776
By Unknown

Stone Cold Burn

Via gordonfreeguy


gifs burn rainbow dash - 8379464960
By DeathByCupcakes
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