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It Tickles!

that looks naughty burn - 8516785152
By cccuuupppcake

I Can't Believe He Just Said That!

batman memes burn I Can't Believe He Just Said That!
Via batsbr

Ya Burnt!

game of thrones memes season 5 stannis just doesn't care who hears him.
Via game-of-thrones-fans

The Saddest of Powers

Awesome Art burn cyclops eyes - 5747273728
By Unknown

That Hurts Like Magma

discord pinkie pie maud pie burn - 8494881024
By Sephiroth1993

Stone Cold Burn

Via gordonfreeguy

When Worlds Collide

kingdom hearts burn - 8291751424
Via sephirona

Have You Ever Eaten a Fish? There's Your Answer...

Pokémon water types wooper burn - 8419409152
Via Quentin_Compson

Marshtomp Feels the Burn

burn omg marshtomp - 8312453376
Via thatswhynot

Hope She Has a Max Potion on Hand

Via thenintendodistrict

99 Problems and His Manhood is Still One

arthur p3n0r cartoons burn - 8433004800
By sness107 (Via sness107)

Maisie Williams Has Absolutely No Patience for People That Complain About Game of Thrones Spoilers

maisie williams has no patience for people that complain about got spoilers
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Why Ash is Not as Bad as We Think

burn Pokémon - 8331749888
By Woodie_the_Lumberjack

Why Can't Kings Be Original

Game of Thrones caption burn - 8801069568
By Bulk_biceps

Or are They Both Bad?

anime burn - 8408522240
By Sephiroth1993
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