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It's-a Meme, Mario. 34 Super Funny Mario Memes to 1Up Your Day

I recently saw a video on TikTok that claims that Mario actually says “itsumi” instead of “it’s a-me”. The video claims that since Nintendo is based in Japan, in Japanese, the word “itsumi” means ‘superb’ or ‘super’, so really, he was saying “ Super Mario ” all this time! Amazing! However, this claim is not true. Mario does say “It’s a-me” and you haven’t been getting his catchphrase wrong. According to the official voice of Mario , Charles Martinet (Who recently announced his retirement), He’s…
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bowser block bowser mario nintendo - 85049601

Bowser Block: When Parental Controls Don't Work

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bowser block bowser Memes meme list nintendo - 1386757

Introducing 'Bowser Block', Avert Your Innocent Eyes

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bowser DIY Video - 75399425

The Bowser Cigar Lighter

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Don't Let Him Get The Final Smash

cosplay bowser - 8408718080
Via TheArmoredGarage

Another Use for the Keyhole Turtleneck Besides Blewbees

Fan Art cute bowser - 8404454912
Via MasaBowser

Cardboard King

cardboard cosplay bowser - 8337395200
Via DancinFool82

Who Knew Mario Had These Sweet Moves?

bowser gifs mario - 8334372096
Created by sness107 ( Via sness107 )

He Can Go Twice as High

super smash bros bowser - 8307744512
Via evr487

The King of the Koopas

jigglypuff bowser - 8281926912
Created by NintenisIrrelevant

Unusual Neighbor

Fan Art princess peach bowser my neighbor totoro - 8288019712
Via ziude

Koopa The Hutt

bowser jabba the hutt tshirts - 8248596736
Via Wear Viral

Bowser Hunter G-Rank

cosplay bowser - 8202555392
Created by 2ndPlanet

Did We Give You Permission to Hurt Our Friend?

Pokémon bowser video games web comics - 8144656640
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via null )

Team Spike!

chesnaught Fan Art bowser - 7845787904
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via MBLOCK )

The Perfect Outfit for Kidnapping Princesses

bowser hoodies video games - 7753773312
Via usako-chan
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