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big bang theory

What Great Taste!

art big bang theory tardis doctor who - 6971723008
By Unknown

The Feuding Icons of Differing Eras Theory Kind of Holds Up...


Your Friends Should Be Impressed By Your Income Potential

big bang theory 10th doctor doctor who - 7779893504
By Unknown

The Pinkie Theory

cupcakes big bang theory pinkie pie the flash - 7973318144
By HoneyMeli

That's My Kitty

Apple Family big bang theory - 8023176704
By Angel

Big Bang Power Girl

big bang theory off the page power girl - 7205442560
By jesus.christ

I Ain't Hatin'

big bang theory haters Super-Lols - 4851928832
See all captions By Cloud-Nine-Fo20

Bad Fanfic Friday: "Brillantly stupidly in love"

bad fanfic friday big bang theory crossover It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz - 6246236416
By Cat-Kid-Aoife (Via

I'm Certified, Baby

crazy big bang theory hunger games fans - 7069498368
By shadic74

All Hail the Garden!

big bang theory - 7056522240
By Unknown

I'm Tipping the Scales With a Step Brothers

Harry Potter big bang theory creepy hugs - 7026724864
By Unknown

I'd Say They're Willing

bat girl big bang theory cat woman costume cross dressing super girl Super-Lols wonderwoman - 4849991424
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discord big bang theory - 6991749888
By Moonxtal

That Long Blonde Hair is Comin' Down

crossover Music big bang theory - 6812386816
By eltinho09

Who Needs a Soft Kitty When You Can Have a Tardis?

big bang theory tardis doctor who - 7835260160
By Unknown

I Say We Throw Sheldon Out

big bang theory 10th doctor doctor who - 8085234944
By Unknown