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The Dark Knight Ditches His Boots for Sneakers to Deliver the Dunk Video You Deserve

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So Irresponsible

batman robin Straight off the Straight off the Page - 6488387328
By SimpleAliensLoveSpaceCore

He's the Goddamn Pikachu

batman dafuq pikachu Pokémemes the internets - 6091540992
By ImTheGoddamnBatman

They Don't Give a Hoot

captain america batman superman - 6962136320
Via Infinity Love
animation awesome batman cartoons Video - 41336065

Batman of Shanghai

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Want to See the Full Ending of Batman: Arkham Knight? You'll Have to 100% Complete the Game

video game news batman arkham knight ending requires 100 percent completion
Via Kotaku

Next Time You Better Kill Him

Via daily superheroes

Superheroes As Type Faces

art batman Spider-Man - 7881418496
Via Matthew Olin

It's a Living

tshirts batman Bat signal - 8216763136
Via Flying MOuse 365

I Thought a Little Humor Might Break the Tension

bane batman song tom hardy - 6507859968
See all captions By TuckerBentley

Someone's Been Unmasked!

school art mask batman - 7414494976
By Unknown
arkham origins trailers batman Video Video Game Coverage - 55671553

The Launch Trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins is Here

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When You See it, DC Party Is Crashed

ant man batman DC Party superman wonder woman - 6592512768
By willshale

Day and Knight

Fan Art superheroes batman - 8411793408
Via NeoSlashott

Bat Party Pooper

villains catwoman dance party batman Harley Quinn - 7994205696
By Unknown

Consider it Defined

Movie batman - 6936965888
By Oz
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