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Classic: Coulson Has a Lot of Choices

agent coulson avengers Awesome Art - 6383525888
By PandaCookie013
scarlett johansson age of ultron avengers - 62727

Don't Get the Relationship Between Black Widow & Banner? Don't Worry; ScarJo Doesn't Either

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Iron Man Always Calls it First

avengers captain america hawkeye iron man lucas cage Spider-Man Super-Lols - 5171032064
See all captions By Mandilore

Shepherd Book is Joining SHIELD!

shield TV avengers - 7709557760
By Unknown


avengers Awesome Art girls style - 6299911680
By frank44mag
Thor SNL chris hemsworth avengers - 69299713

Thor Celebrates Victory Over Ultron on SNL

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Disney's The Avengers

disney disney princesses Fan Art cartoons avengers - 8225785088
Via betzairah

Avengers Vs Justice League: the Breakdown

comparison movies justice league funny avengers - 7521961472
Via Reddit

"You're Going to Lose"

agent coulson avengers loki movies summer blockbusters - 6566688000
By JRabon1600 (Via Bryan Humphrey)

The Avengers Poster

avengers poster art design - 6646045184
By dolf1nluvr

His Grief Is Super-Sized

web comic hulk avengers - 7946457600
By Unknown

Life Imitates Art

marvel comic books avengers - 8195258368
By Unknown
cast civil war avengers - 70767873

Avengers Just Came Out, And All We Care About is Civil War

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Not Until You Apologize!

loki Thor avengers - 6713253120
By Jellybiscuits (Via prettyoddchild)

Whedon Loves The Juxtaposition

agent coulson tony stark Joss Whedon avengers - 7790353152
By Unknown

Well, He's Green Like a Tree

hulk avengers Well, He's Green Like a Tree
Via fyeahsuperheroes