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How'd These Guys Get Their Hands on An Infinity Stone When They Forged Loki's Staff?

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From SDCC: Wait... Is That Actually Thor?

avengers Black Widow iron man sdcc 2012 Super Costume Thor - 6419613440
Via Blame Dorothy

Like Father, Like Son

agent coulson avengers Father son Super-Lols - 6253085952
Created by bluemerle

Mjolnir Test

elevator vision age of ultron mjolnir avengers - 8487443968
Created by gamester92

You Have an Army?

avengers fluttershy gifs season 4 - 7954745600
Created by maorows ( Via derpibooru )
jimmy kimmel age of ultron avengers - 460805

Everything From Jimmy Kimmel's Avengers Special

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Stop Talking And Watch Your Twilight Films

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Created by Rough_Sketch

The Avengers: A Timeline

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The Infinity Gauntlet

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Avenger's Weapons

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Created by dolf1nluvr
James Spader age of ultron avengers - 73844481

See How James Spader Became Ultron

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The Team Selection is A Little Specious

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avengers crossover lady gaga summer blockbusters Video - 38594049

Work That Hair Flip, Thor!

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Scumbag Spidey

jerk captain america Spider-Man avengers - 6971526912
Created by themercwithamouth
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LEGO Marvel's Avengers Trailer

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