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Ever Wish You Could Hang Out With Toonami Tom?

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Saw It Coming

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Created by tamaleknight

Watch a Preview of Adult Swim's New Series, Rick and Morty

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Sword Art Online is on Toonami

toonami adult swim anime Sword Art Online - 7706652160
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Bender for President

bender adult swim comics cartoons - 8765140224
Created by tamaleknight ( Via Anenome5 )
toonami adult swim cartoons samurai jack - 76330241

A New Season of Samurai Jack is Coming to Adult Swim in 2016

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Assassin's Swim

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"Six-Piece Chicken McNobody" Is My New Favorite Phrase

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What Do You Mean You've Never Seen Bob's Burgers?

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Rick and Morty Is Coming to VR Guys!

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Check Out the 10 Best Movie Parodies on Adult Swim

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First Samurai Jack Promotional Art Has Been Unsheathed and It's Bloody Glorious

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Toonami - Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance Promo

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But Do I Have to Pay to Park It?

family guy IRL signs that sounds naughty adult swim - 7667671040
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