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Yep, Seems About Right

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By Unknown

A Wild Santiago Cabrera Appeared

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By silentjay12345
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Sir Patrick Stewart Demonstrates the Quadruple Take

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Superhero Movie To End All Superhero Movies

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By Unknown
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Who's the Best Batman?

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Fox vs. Disney

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By silentjay12345 (Via

A Dream JLA Cast

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By Unknown

All Bruce Wayne Actors Combined

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By Ultimatenick37 (Via Reddit)

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

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By GeneralLlamaSauce

The Story of a Great Man

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By Hexidecimate

Depending on the Success of Your First Franchise

superheroes movies funny Depending on the Success of Your First Franchise
Via creatorsdotco

Cheers Meets Avengers

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Via Nothing to Beat
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Top 5 Bad-Asses Who Should Play Captain Marvel

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Technically Not The First

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By Bennardo
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It's Time You Met Godzilla Resurgence's Motion Capture Actor, Mansai Nomura

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To be Fair, Kristen Inspires Nearly as Much Terror

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By Unknown
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