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What Would Happen If You Took the Tardis Through the Stargate?

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You Blinked, Didn't You?

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feels Whovian Matt Smith 11th Doctor regeneration reaction - 67752449

A Whovian Reaction To Matt Smith's Regeneration

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12th Doctor Whovian Peter Capaldi - 64874497

Peter Capaldi Was a Proper Nerd

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I Got the Moves Like Ood

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People Probably Kept Stealing The Sign

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Can You Excommunicate Someone From Existence?

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The Oncoming Adipose

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I'd Also Be Okay With Geronimo!

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Created by Interesting_Tale_Brethren

Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy!

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Created by Mairi

I Consider Myself a Wholockian

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We Got a Fan Over Here

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Things Only Whovians Get

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David Tennant Is Just Like One of Us

David Tennant Whovian - 8177596416
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But We Can Never Talk About Moffat

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Whovian doctor who Valentines day - 381957

8 Doctor Who Quotes That'll Make The Worst Valentine's Cards

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