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AI Can Cosplay Too!

Wheatley Portal video games portal 2 - 6847589120
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With Portals

Wheatley Fan Art video games portal 2 - 6958982912
Created by AidanaitorSaga ( Via not-quite-normal )

Well, Well, Well

Fan Art Portal portal 2 video games Wheatley - 6024833024
Created by PixelProgram ( Via MuriraRK )

Giving You the Evil Eye

Fan Art gladOS portal 2 video games Wheatley - 5645895680
Created by W. C. Cube ( Via twinklepowderysnow )

Wheatley Sapper In Team Fortress 2

Wheatley Portal video games TF2 - 7165706752
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animation Fan Art Portal Video video games Wheatley - 31717377

He's the Boss

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best of week gladOS portal 2 song Video video games Wheatley - 34203393

He's the Evil Wheatley Core

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It's a Tough Job, But Somebody Had to be a Potato

chell Fan Art gladOS hey jackc0x i got you a p humanized Portal video games Wheatley - 6253856256
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animation Portal portal 2 Video video games Wheatley - 42065153

Portal 2: the Movie

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You're Only Making Me Stronger

Fan Art Portal video games Wheatley - 5949744128
Created by PixelProgram ( Via Not Quite Normal )

The Other One Dispenses Cake, I Swear

Fan Art Portal video games Wheatley - 6024846080
Created by PixelProgram

So Happy Together

gifs Wheatley video games portal 2 - 7158471680
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All Aboard!

Fan Art Portal Steampunk video games Wheatley - 5548527104
Created by W. C. Cube ( Via Risachantag )

Intelegence Dampering Plush

Fan Art Plush portal 2 Wheatley - 5635353856

Maybe GLaDOS Wasn't So Bad

Fan Art portal 2 Steampunk video games Wheatley - 5548542976
Created by W. C. Cube ( Via )