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Lionsgate Has Invested in Telltale Games

video game news lionsgate invests in telltale games
Via prnewswire
overwatch kids Video Game Coverage cute parenting video games - 83750913

3-Year-Old Renames All the Characters in Overwatch for One Equally Amazing and Adorable Feat

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batman arkham origins Video Game Coverage - 60325889

Arkham Origins Releases a Chilling DLC Story: Cold, Cold Heart

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gaming Video Game Coverage - 67092481

A Game Developer Gets Revenge by Sneaking in This Secret Ending Past His Boss

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playstation destiny PlayStation 4 Video Video Game Coverage - 55897089

Check Out Destiny on PS4

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oculus rift Video Video Game Coverage - 69715201

Boldly Become a Bird With This Oculus Rift Flight Simulator

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borderlands trailers Video Video Game Coverage - 65203713

Head to the Moon With Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

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trailers watch dogs Video Video Game Coverage - 61169153

Watch the Launch Trailer for Watch_Dogs

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console wars playstation PlayStation 4 nextgen Video Game Coverage - 56935681

PlayStation Celebrates It's Biggest Launch Ever

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Steam Announces the Steam Controller

steam valve Video Game Coverage controllers - 7824623616
Via Steam
witcher 3 trailers the witcher Video Video Game Coverage - 71049985

The Witcher 3 is Less Than a Week Away: Watch the Launch Cinematic Now!

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dota valve Video Game Coverage - 58670337

Did You Know Valve Was Making a Documentary About E-Sports and Dota 2?

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trailers Video far cry 4 Video Game Coverage - 64739073

So Who is Far Cry 4's Villain Anyway?

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news Video Game Coverage - 7834781696
Via Rock Paper Shotgun

Pokémon GO Players Discover Another Dead Body

Via 7 News
Pokémon video games snorlax Video Game Coverage pokemon sun and moon - 924165

Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals New Z-Moves, Special Munchlax, and Rattata's Alola Form

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