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Yeah Well, You're Adopted!

Fan Art loki summer blockbusters superheroes The Avengers Thor - 6373077248
By FeralCatzForever (Via tavoriel)

Thor Prancercises Like A Pro

Thor superheros gifs funny - 7548220928
By Unknown

Oh, Without a Damn Doubt Deadpool

Via mutant101

Captain Thor

avengers captain hammer iron man Straight off the Page Thor - 6521234176
By Warby

Wish I Could be Part of Your World

crossover disney Fan Art marvel The Little Mermaid Thor - 6488428032
Via sairobi

Thor Laughs So Creepily...

captain america iron man laugh Super-Lols Thor - 5303442944
By Unknown

One Does Not Simply... Oh, Wait

one does not simply Thor TV - 5757847040
By awilczek

Watch Out For His Brother Loguido

Thor - 7819291648
By Unknown

Rule 34 in Asgard

Thor asgard - 7034701312
By xyzpdq1

Hammer Time

loki Thor hammer mjolnir - 6714347264
By Unknown

Ain't No One Beats Bootsy Collins

Thor deadpool off the page - 7946408448
By Unknown

Nick Cage as Thor

Awesome Art Thor wtf - 6188498944
By Unknown

Jeez Deadpool, I Thought You Worked Out

deadpool mjolnir Straight off the Page Thor - 6219924480
By xyzpdq1


Awesome Art hammer Memes mjolnir Nyan Cat Thor - 4924731648
By Thorgy

Thor: The Really Really Dark World

loki Thor posters - 7790740480
By silentjay12345

The Thor You've Been Waiting For

Thor Straight off the Page - 8336127488
By Comin2U