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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Movie phoenix wright trailers Video - 33992193

I Still Can't Get Over the Hair

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All Grown Up

cute disney gifs Movie the lion king - 6481403904
By Unknown
Movie Spider-Man The Movies trailers Video - 22880513

Here Till They Pry it From Our Internets

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reboot Movie trailers power rangers - 61814273

Power Rangers (Gritty Reboot Trailer)

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Movie Video youtube - 41749505

Your Nostalgia Meters Are Overloading

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Halloween Inspiration: Celebrity Edition!

Amy Poehler halloween Movie - 5368525568

MEWing is Art

anime mew Movie trolling tv-movies - 6126980864
By TommyGx
Movie iron man 3 - 49443073

Iron Man 3 (on a Budget)

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Professor X Will Be Playing the Crow?!

Movie - 7094167040
Via io9

Should Have Gone to Unova

Pokémon Movie - 6730810368
By pighorn7

Deadpool Movie Update of the Day

deadpool Movie ryan reynolds fox - 6687321600
Via Comicvine

Fight Your Future

Movie wooper - 6629269504
Via probertson
awesome deadpool fan film Movie The Movies Video - 39465985

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

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Movie original superman The Movies Video - 23013121

Didn't Like Superman Returns? TOO BAD! Here's the Original Opening

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equestria girls Movie - 52871169

Full Equestria Girls Movie in HD

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Winter Soldier Looks Nuts, As in Insane

crazy Movie winter soldier funny - 7565910528
By Unknown