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Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people. Without memes, they're lost. So don't be like them, and make sure you always have memes at the ready.

Wow, that went dark fast. Also worth checking out the Funny Memes Tag or the often updated listicle of the funnest funny memes -based on advanced internets.

I Only Have 5 PP!

dinkleberg hyper beam meme Memes - 6483996160
Created by Unknown

You Underestimate the Power of a Perfectly Bred Pokémon

Pokémon star wars Memes - 7941453568
Created by Bergmite

Take me to dinner first

Memes - 9001595392
Via egotisticalraptor-blog
funny king of the hill memes | Do have somewhere be Cause like know direction kick ass ROFLBOT | CNN CNN @CNN hits top speed 150 mph HONDA HONDA This Honda lawnmower is fastest world, hitting 100 mph 6 seconds Hank Hill with red glowing eyes

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Leave It to Bronn to Say What We're All Thinking

dont say it
Via Game of Laughs

No More Evolutions!

Pokémon Memes evolutions batman - 7709239808
Created by TomSFox

Who Should Be King?

Game of Thrones Memes season 5 - 8502510080
Created by jc2581


jon snow knows nothing saw nothing
Via kyorora

Ash Finally Aged

aging ash cosplay Memes pikachu - 5195749888
Created by Unknown

Pokémon Logic

comic gameplay Jackie Chan meme Memes pokemon logic - 5271960320
Created by Michael Foat

I Feel Sorry for People Stuck With G3 Pony

best of week birthday meme Memes - 6437662464
Created by Unknown


Memes Pokémon slowpoke - 8177382656
See all captions Created by Unknown

Lyanna Stark Was Like...

lyanna stark was like
Via @LordSnow

Generation Five

meme Memes too damn high - 5774474752
Created by Unknown

Not Sure if Awesome or Game Freak Ran Out of Ideas

best of week Game Freak gen 1 Memes munna pink reference - 5505275136
Created by Unknown


best of week cyrus giovanni Memes N Pokémon villains - 5663849984
Created by Unknown
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