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Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people. Without memes, they're lost. So don't be like them, and make sure you always have memes at the ready.

Wow, that went dark fast. Also worth checking out the Funny Memes Tag or the often updated listicle of the funnest funny memes -based on advanced internets.

I'll Give All My Money... Blah, Blah

meme Memes remake - 6456373504
By Unknown

Pikachu Leveled Up Holding a Good Report Card

abra fusion Memes pikachu - 5875202560
By Unknown

Breeding Problems

abilities breeding meme Memes nature problems so sad - 6070435072
By Unknown

The Next Generation

first generation gameboy color kids meme Memes - 5660664320
See all captions By JovenMistress

It's Like a Cloyster, Right?

cloyster Memes - 5098683392
By Unknown

Where's the Memorial for All the Younglings You Slaughtered?!

darth vader Fan Art fandom Memes star wars - 5533966336
By Benhaj (Via WiL-Woods)


ho-oh meme Memes - 5228841472
By KeeperofTime

Somebody Set Us Up the Infinity Gauntlet.

thanos memes Somebody Set Us Up the Infinity Gauntlet.
Via riptapparel

Those Darn Translators

Pokémon gameplay Memes - 7858369792
By Unknown

Diamond Tiara Can Be Surprisingly Understanding...

diamond tiara Memes - 7877706496
By Coltvoyance
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Do the Haters Deserve This?

Memes Confession Bear - 7672835584
See all captions By Unknown

Well, at Least He's Got Chicken

video games leroy jenkins Memes - 6657134848
By Metalgamersolid

Boastful Bug Catcher

bug catcher caterpie meme Memes - 5687542528
By Sentinel_23


anime SpongeBob SquarePants Memes patrick - 7221238528
By Gemkeeper333

People Need to Stop Hating on Ash So Much

ash Pokémon Memes - 7751413504
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