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Five Star Ratings Are Magic

IRL my little pony netflix top ten - 6088297984
Created by Doghouse_Reilly

Perv Slowking

cloyster IRL onix slowking - 6591099904
Created by Nid200

For Whom the Bellsprout Tolls

IRL ketchum Pokémon realization - 5439921920
Via GeekyCrap

His Aura is Burning for Another Brawl

Pokémon IRL lucario - 8300997632
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Cyclops Loves Eating Greek

IRL cyclops web comics - 8438455296
Via Dragon Arte

They Have to Make Money Somehow...

cmc cutie mark crusaders IRL work - 5113606912
Created by Dr_Snugglepants

Friendship is Manly

IRL manly my little pony swag - 6026151424
Created by Brony_Forester

Happy Almost Halloween!

halloween IRL pumpkin carving trixie witch - 5293047552
Created by DeathByCupcakes

Is This the Best Costume Ever?

costume kirby IRL NES - 7856577792
Via MrMaynard

I Wish Pokémon Was Real

IRL Pokémon - 6408526848
Created by Unknown
awesome IRL Video weird al - 40732929

Weird Al on My Little Pony?!

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IRL amazing opening Video - 47141633


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The Weegee Train Has No Brakes

twitter IRL luigi nintendo - 7733009920
Via radioactivebratwurst

Does it Actually Work?

awesome IRL magic - 6641268992
Created by Princess_Mi_Rosasplendere_Melodia ( Via vomit-n-unicorns )

Mission Accomplished

IRL twenty percent cooler pinatas rainbow dash - 7350273536
Created by bellasom ( Via Facebook )

Questions for Tara Strong

Bronies Emerald City Comicon fandom IRL tara strong twitter - 6039296768
Created by Techno_Chicken