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It's Not Just a Regular Show, It's Actually Called Regular Show

FAIL for sale regular show - 7767235584
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Pokémon FAIL Video - 67179265

Failing to Catch a Shiny is Always Heartbreaking

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People describe common skills that they quite simply don't possess | Reddit thread Wrapping presents watch videos every time but still can't do

Common Skills People Simply Don't Possess

No joke, wrapping presents is very difficult.
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That Moment When You Make Your 11 Year Old Son Fight a Genetically Engineered Monster Capable of Destroying Entire Galaxies

FAIL anime dragonball z - 8766959872
By Mamalugia

Russia Just Monumentally Failed, and Tried to Pass off a Screenshot From Command & Conquer as a Legit Picture of Chemical Weapons Trucks

Via Kelsey D. Atherton

Iron Man Been Skipping Leg Day, Bro

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That's Not How You Auction

FAIL rarity - 8059597824
By Sephiroth1993

Blast It, Scumbaggins! Keep the Ring On!

FAIL scumbag hat The Hobbit - 8011448320


FAIL Video Game Coverage - 7709590016
By Unknown


FAIL animation dreamworks - 8762271488
By Mamalugia

The Force of the Many, Out Weights the Force of the Few

costume star wars FAIL halloween - 8581179904
By Unknown
compilation FAIL mario - 64281601

Mario's a Jerk

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Someone Played the Preview for the R-Rated, Gross-Out CG Film 'Sausage Party' Before 'Finding Dory' and People Are PISSED

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Someone's Clearly Not a Fan of the Show

FAIL weddings red wedding - 8124291584
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star wars FAIL list - 699909

These Tragic Knockoff Star Wars Toys are Hilarious and Pathetic

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virtual reality FAIL video games funny Video - 80786177

Terrified Grandmother Using VR for the First Time Screams and Howls for Mercy Before Passing out Altogether

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