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Annie and Tibbers Part Cute, Part Terrifying

cosplay league of legends BAMF - 8138554880
Via Aperture Ashley

The Ricktatorship Never Dies

Rick Grimes BAMF ricktatorship - 8438742528
Via Zombie Survivors Community

You Hit The Wrong Person With a Car

daryl dixon carol peletier BAMF - 8383151616
Via TheWalkingDead.CapeFearLegion

Don't You Just Want to Look at Them?

carol peletier BAMF - 8383243520
Via FailingDead

Glenn Must Have Leveled Up In That Battle

BAMF Glenn Rhee - 8069302784
By Unknown

Ride the Pig

BAMF best of week Fan Art fandom minecraft video games - 5606880512
By lrregular
Fan Art mane 6 MLP BAMF - 55440129

Something Awesome Is Coming

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If She Lives That Long

BAMF carol peletier - 8377128192
Via sadiiexp

Don't Question The Professionals

BAMF daryl dixon - 7950618880
By Unknown

Wait... Where's Judith?

Via sara-charlotte

Legends of Equestria Unite

BAMF princess celestia discord - 8384204032
By B4T_M4N (Via ziom05)

The Last Thing You Hear?

Rick Grimes BAMF - 8393295872
Via Zombie Survivors Community

Carol Kicks Too Much Ass

BAMF carol peletier terminus - 8346000640
Via robotriip

Derpy Hooves Astride Her Mighty Steed

Fan Art derpy hooves Raptor BAMF - 8103421696
By SarunaTheAwesomeDragon (Via madhotaru)

Big Ass Kicker

daryl dixon twd season 4 BAMF The Walking Dead - 7877871360
By Unknown

Finale Part 2, In a Nutshell

BAMF SpongeBob SquarePants twilight sparkle nutshell - 8183139328
By badwolf128
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