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15 Facts About Thanos That Will Have You Too Ready for Avengers: Infinity War

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18 Facts About the Joker That Prove He's the Most Evil Supervillain of Them All

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The New Trailer for Suicide Squad Extended Cut Is Full of Madness

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This Dude Made a Deathstroke Helmet Strong Enough to Take an Axe Hit

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Comic Series Imagines If Comic Book Villains Had a 'Creamy Moral Center', and We Would Read the Sh*t out of This

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Mark Hamill Recorded a Voicemail as the Joker, and It's as Twisted as We Could've Hoped For

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Harley Quinn Panel From a Comic Book Contest I Didn't Win

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Squad Goals

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New High Quality Photos for Suicide Squad Have Been Released, and Jared Leto Looks So Much Like 52 Joker

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Marvel Artist Who Has a Burning Hatred for Donald Trump Made a Ridiculous Supervillain Inspired by the Guy

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Why Can't Deadpool Just Exist Outside of Any Continuity and Just Show up Wherever He Pleases?

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Suicide Squad Director Says He Had the Cast Fight Each Other in Rehearsal, and the Joker's Tattoos Were Inspired by Drug Lords on Instagram

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No Joke, the Poor Guy Just Wants Some Peace and Quiet

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Well, It Looks Like Batman Is F**ked

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Sure Don't!

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Baron Zemo's Wildest Wishes Have Finally Come True

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