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People Keep Talking About Hugh Jackman and Tom Hardy... What About This Monkey?

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SHIELD Takes a Lot of Funding

agent coulson totally looks like agents of shield - 8408358400
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The Cat Gotham Needs Right Now

totally looks like gotham Cats - 8373926400
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First Look At Michael Bay's Hunchback of Notre Dame Remake

totally looks like TMNT - 8124294144
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The Cat My Apartment Needs Right Now

cat totally looks like batman - 8009119488
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Captain Canada: The Cyrus Soldier

captain america justin bieber totally looks like winter soldier - 7965919744
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Imitation Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery

deadpool totally looks like wolverine off the page - 7925813504
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A Super Pet

totally looks like iron man - 7881020928
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