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Fun With Superpowers

jerk kids superman The Movies - 5077667072
Created by Unknown
batman fan film Riddler The Movies trap Video - 40628225

Why Couldn't This Be the Riddler

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Joseph Gordon Nightwing

Joseph Gordon-Levitt nightwing photoshop superheroes The Movies - 6490165248
Created by Mr Watermelon

He Does

fans huge loki superheroes The Movies tom hiddleston - 6488375808
Created by SimpleAliensLoveSpaceCore

The Batwing! It Has No Wings!

Dark Knight Rises The Movies - 6430814208
Created by Unknown
batman robin The Movies Video weird - 39810305

Turkish Batman Is an Odd One

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batman dark knight The Movies Video - 39826689

The Honest Dark Knight

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punisher The Movies Video - 39806209

Tom Jane Is the Punisher... Again

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From SDCC: Will There Be a Hellboy 3?

hellboy Movie The Movies - 6434134016
Created by Unknown
batman Movie The Movies Video - 39675393

I Would Totally Watch This

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From SDCC: Are You Worthy?

avengers marvel mjolnir props sdcc 2012 The Movies Thor - 6425687552
Via coleycoles

From SDCC: All The Iron Suits!

iron man SDCC sdcc 2012 suit The Movies - 6423204096
Created by Unknown
Blood judge dredd sdcc 2012 The Movies Video - 39690497

From SDCC: A Violent Look at the New Judge Dredd

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Nick Cage Has Been Taking Bath Salts

drug stuff ghost rider The Movies - 6415652608
Created by Fyrmer

Venger 'Venger Hulk

avengers song superheroes The Movies - 6405057792
Created by yuud4i

Rise, Vintage Style

batman catwoman Dark Knight Rises The Movies vintage - 6403461632
Created by braistorms
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